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The Chicago Mafia, Al Capone, Bugs Moran, and the St. Valentine's Day Massacre

February 14, 2023 Season 2 Episode 24
History, Books & Wine Podcast
The Chicago Mafia, Al Capone, Bugs Moran, and the St. Valentine's Day Massacre
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Show Notes

Lori Ann Bailey  explores mob life during Prohibition 1920s in Chicago .

Paired this episode with:

Lori: High Ball (traditionally made with ginger ale and whisky)
Eliza:  Fit Vine - Red Blend

St Valentine's Day Massacre Victims:
1. Peter Gusenberg, a front-line enforcer for the Moran organizations
2. Frank Gusenberg, the brother of Peter Gusenberg and also an enforcer
3. Albert Kachellek (alias "James Clark"), Moran's second in command
4. Adam Heyer, the bookkeeper and business manager of the Moran gang
5. Reinhardt Schwimmer, an optometrist who had abandoned his practice to gamble on horse racing and associate with the gang
6. Albert Weinshank, who managed several cleaning and dyeing operations for Moran; his resemblance to Moran is allegedly may have set the massacre in motion before Moran arrived
7. John May, an occasional car mechanic for the Moran gang and owner of Hi-ball the German shepherd

What Lori is reading:
The Next Ship Home by Heather Webb

Lori's book:
To Have a Highland Thief

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Lori Ann Bailey

Eliza Knight

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Alternate theory that Capone wasn't behind the massacre:
Get Capone by Jonathan Eig

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